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We recall how Holy Spirit filled Jesus was tempted
for 40 days
In the barren wastelands of Judea; but the
Lord God Almighty gave Him strength against the
Devil, who said ' turn these stones into bread.'

Eating nothing, Jesus resisted this temptation; then the
Revealed Kingdoms of all the world were offered and He turned them down too.

'Never Worship worldly things' said Jesus, 'only God Almighty.'

Even jumping off the Temple and being caught by Angels was declined.

Satan was defeated by Jesus Christ and so our
Saviour for our sins returned,
renewed by The Holy Spirit
. . . to lead us into ETERNAL LIFE !

~by ecobarry~
view of mountains
angel statue against sky
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Waiting for the Spirit, © John Cologon,
vocals by Clare.

Released under a
Creative Commons Share-Alike Licence