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What is i-church?

i-church was founded by the Diocese of Oxford in 2004 as an experimental online community in the Benedictine tradition.

The aim of i-church is twofold: to enable people who want to know more about Christianity to find out more, and to support people in their journeys of faith.

i-church is currently made up of:

The Gatehouse - information and resources about Christianity for everyone to use

The Courtyard - open forums where you can post prayer requests and join in discussions.

The Chapel - a chat room where you are welcome to join in our live services and discussions

The Core Community


i-church is part of the Diocese of Oxford. The priest in charge is licensed by the Bishop of Oxford and is supported by a council chosen from the core community and key volunteers authorised by the Trustees.

i-church is registered charity no 1115977 and a company limited by guarantee.

Find out more

For enquiries about i-church please contact the priest in charge, Pam Smith