Theology - Speaking, Thinking, Learning about God

If you have an overwhelming urge to explore the weightier theological ideas, this is the place to seek fellow-travellers.
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Theology - Speaking, Thinking, Learning about God

Post by Ernest » Tue Oct 23, 2018 6:41 am

Before I became a Christian, I have to admit that I thought that Theology was an abstract academic pursuit, which was part of "Humanities' - a type of philosophy.

How I long for those simple days, where I was able to go through life, not even thinking that God was very important for me, in fact he was probably a mythical figure much like those in Greek mythology or those pagans. How simplistic and wrong was that view :blink:

As I came to faith and than studied for ministry, this mysterious topic theology suddenly assumed a central importance to my life. Theology in it's many forms has it's place particularly the 'relational forms' and the one we really studied with was 'Ministry in Context".

This is about relating life, experiences and seeking to find where God is in it, and how he might be working out his plan in or through us or through others. It has elements of prayer, scripture, experience and reflection and is a discipline often described as the "Pastoral Cycle"

The discipline becomes second nature once you have grasped the elements of it. Theological Reflection is something that we all probably do, perhaps unconsciously as we live our lives as Christians.

So, hooray for Theology as a stand-alone-academic subject and what it can reveal to us about God, our relationship with him and his nature and relationship, and particularly what he might be doing in our lives. :thumbs:
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Theology - Speaking, Thinking, Learning about God

Post by Pam » Mon Oct 29, 2018 12:19 am

I love theology! Which, in its simplest form, is studying God in whatever context we see him.

Like you, Ernest, I thoroughly enjoyed ministerial training which brought me into contact with formal theology. There are numerous resources online now - one of my favourites for preaching is The Text This Week, which carries a wide range of links to resources on lectionary readings.


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