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State Visit of Mr Trump

Posted: Tue Jun 04, 2019 6:24 am
by Ernest
I note that the President of the United States has started yesterday, the first day with the Royal Family.

Today he is to see the PM and Politicians at Downing Street and Westminster, albeit, it is unlikely that he will be permitted to address Parliament or will meet with opposition leaders, as they oppose his visit and his Presidency.

The media also reports that he will face mass demonstrations at Westminster or where ever he goes in the country. He can avoid them by flying, but will be shielded from the protests somewhat by his cavalcade and enormous security, which according to reports will have cost over 80 million pounds.

I am wondering what ever happened to British restraint and courtesy to visitors and the ability to, while not agreeing, treating leaders of allied or other nations with respect. It appears that Mr Corbyn is urging people to protest, which doesn't say much for courtesy, just political expediency.

I don't see eye to eye with Mr Trump, but feel that the conversation in our nation has descended to a new low with what is happening. Previous state visits by US Presidents has been protest free and they have been welcomed whole heartedly.

Future relationships with the USA are important to our future prosperity as a nation, are we prepared to sacrifice a long standing friendship due to the way we view Mr Trump and his administration? If so, it is a sad day for the UK.

Will we as a nation, ever again be united in the face of adversity, or will we continue to be a disunited rabble that has become a bye word overseas for a disruptive and disfunctional country? I pray not. :votive1:

State Visit of Mr Trump

Posted: Tue Jun 04, 2019 3:28 pm
by Joyce
Ernest wrote:
Tue Jun 04, 2019 6:24 am

I am wondering what ever happened to British restraint and courtesy to visitors and the ability to, while not agreeing, treating leaders of allied or other nations with respect. It appears that Mr Corbyn is urging people to protest, which doesn't say much for courtesy, just political expediency.

Nor does it say much for the dignity of the office of Leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition. There are conventions with regard to the requirements of the job, and showing disrespect for an overseas Head of State on a state visit ordered by Her Majesty is not on the list. He's a Privy Counsellor and this is not how Right Honourable Members are supposed to behave.

As for demonstrating against a poor demented bloke who won't remember what his policies are by the time he comes to do anything, it's not only inhospitable, it's uncompassionate and intolerant of eccentricity, which is not very British.

State Visit of Mr Trump

Posted: Tue Jun 04, 2019 6:28 pm
by Ernest
Thanks Joyce.

"A Poor Demented Bloke" I was unsure whether you were talking about Mr Trump or Mr Corbyn? But I suspect that could be extended to either :tongue: :)

State Visit of Mr Trump

Posted: Wed Jun 05, 2019 12:54 am
by Joyce
I meant Mr Trump until I heard Mr Corbyn ranting earlier. 'Together' he kept saying as he listed what wonderful things lay ahead, like a teenage student over midnight coffee or a character from animal farm.
Clover, beans and mangelwurzels shall be ours upon that day. Come the revolution we'll all have ice cream. How old is he ?

Sometimes I sympathise with the monarchs of earlier centuries who used to close down Parliament for years on end and run the country without it. Does The Bill of Rights entirely rule that out ? I haven't read it recently.

State Visit of Mr Trump

Posted: Wed Jun 05, 2019 6:14 am
by Ernest
Not sure?

But sometimes I wonder if Parliament should be reformed, but the political will to reduce the number of MP's was missed when Mr Cameron was PM. At least our local MP who is labour is sensible and does work hard for her constituency. She is a singleton among three other MP's all Tory in our borough. Two of whom have senior or junior ministerial roles.

One, James Brokenshire seems sensible. I met him alongside Theresa Pierce our Labour MP, at an Awards Ceremony at the Town Hall, and she was teasing him about government resignations, he was wrong footed about it, but clearly enjoyed friendly banter with her.

But showing us that they are human, if all well and good, but what they do when they get to the tribal, febrile atmosphere in Parliament at the moment is another story.

More prayer and hope is needed. But the current impasse due to the elections for a Tory Leader seems to delay all parliamentary business to the detriment of the nation. No decisions are being made on anything until the Brexit Saga is over. This will be perhaps the first time ever that a Parliment session has not passed any legislation at all. Which should worry all of them, as people get fed up and wonder what exactly parliament is for? :angryfire:

State Visit of Mr Trump

Posted: Wed Jun 05, 2019 11:46 am
by Joyce
I hope they are not going to reduce the number of MPs. The House of Lords is reformed so often that one can lose count. The Commons, OTOH, changes less often. When it comes to numbers they can only get bigger. As the population of the British Isles grows and is distributed unevenly, so the Boundary Commission redraws the map of constituencies. Fewer MPs would mean more constituents per member with all the consequences that situation would bring. One of the demands of the Chartists was equal electoral districts and they got it.

All their demands except one seem obvious and sensible to us now. One of my great-great-great grandmothers lost her licence for allowing a Chartist meeting in a room in her pub. We don't know the details. One thing we don't know is whether she knew one their aims meant she'd lose her vote. If she did,from what I know of that side of the family,I daresay she charged them extra.

Before the last re-drawing of the boundaries, Margaret Beckett was my MP and Edwina Currie was the MP for the other side of the road. In our group of parishes we had them both. Edwina attended the church where I worshipped most often and she attended a lot of social events so I knew her a bit better.The council ward was split between Labour and Conservative too.The Lib Dems took credit in local circulars for what the real councillors had done and ended up getting elected. Now they really have to do it. I have to say they seem to making a decent fist of it so far as I know without pretending anymore.
I used to find politics interesting. I did my first job for an Independent councillor when I was eight. Now I wish there was an option on ballot papers of 'None of the above' so I could put my cross in that box.

State Visit of Mr Trump

Posted: Thu Jun 06, 2019 6:20 am
by Ernest
Council wards and Parliamentary boundaries are split in our area. Our MP covers part of the next door borough of Greenwich as well as the Northern Part of our borough.

We have had a major reorganisation of our Ward Boroughs just last year, which moved people into a different ward and different, fewer councillors. Which also changed the party boundaries, to the detriment of the opposition party in the borough. For the first time ever (in our time here) we have two down from three and from two different parties. Which makes for conflict between competing priorities on how local things are dealt with.

For example, we had an issue, where the Tory majority council allowed a major store chain, one I don't patronise to open an Express store in our local high street. It is a main road, and the planning stipulation was that they would take deliveries with a delivery point in a side street, using smaller delivery vehicles. The store from day one has ignored that requirement and deliveries were by their standard huge lorries, which can't access the side road to deliver, so stop on a single yellow line on the main road, causing huge disruption to local traffic and directly opposite a bus stop, with consequent further delays when buses stopped to pick up passengers.

Local groups and councillors lobbied for enforcement, but the council reneged on the planning conditions and allowed this to continue for three years. So the groups asked for the bus stop to be relocated. Recently that happened, but with huge publicity, the Tories claimed credit for the action, when they know quite well that they were content to allow the chaos to continue. But, hey, suddenly a local election was underway and they needed to be seen to be doing something and quickly moved the bus stop so that they could claim the credit.

They ignored the work done by lobby groups and previous representatives of a different party, and in fact are prone to, like Mr Trump, to spread "fake news" in favour and blame the opposition for anything they can't claim credit for.

The truth is that they have been in power in the borough for the past 12 years, yet still claim that actions by the previous regime are to blame for current situations and cuts to services.

I have never voted for them as I disagree with their policies, unfortunately the majority of wards vote Tory, so they have a majority, we can only hope that things change, given the current state of their party nationally, as they are not trusted here, be are stuck with them until the next local elections in two years.

Bah Humbug springs to mind :devil: