Lent 2015 Introduction.

Our discussions for Lent.
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Lent 2015 Introduction.

Post by Jae » Mon Feb 16, 2015 8:43 pm

Hello Everyone,

For Lent and Easter this year we are joining in with the BBC Radio 4 Long wave Church of England Sunday Worship programmes.

The services are based on Desmond Tutu’s book ‘In God’s Hands’ which is recommended reading for Lent this year by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby.

Each Sunday during Lent you will find a new post containing a reading, a reflection, a prayer followed by some questions which will be the basis of discussion on our Lent forum.

You can decide whether to buy the book ‘In God’s Hands’ and/or listen to the Sunday Worship service (you can do this at any time on BBC iPlayer on your computer) and then join in the discussion


You can simply read the posting each week and join in with the discussion as a stand-alone Lent activity.

Either is fine and everyone is welcome to join in … we hope you do whether you have travelled far on your journey of faith or are just starting out.

With that in mind we will also have a ‘Lent Questions’ forum so that if you come across things that happen or things that are said relating to the season of Lent that puzzle you
- for example, Ash Wednesday – what’s that about?! –
you can post your query and we’ll do our best to answer you,
even weathered Christians have questions!

We begin this Sunday with week 1 – ‘In God’s Hands’

A prayer for our Lenten journey.

Lord of Love and Light

You gave up everything

To restore us to our true selves

and set us free from all that

would keep us from God.

As we begin this Lenten journey

towards the Cross with You

help us to know

that Your gentle hands

Bloodied on the Cross

reach into our broken world still

and lift us to be held strong

In God’s Hands.