The Core Community

As i-church has expanded its activities, the core community has continued to be at its heart, upholding it in prayer and through practical support.

The i-church core community is made up of people who are committed to the long term future of i-church and for whom i-church is an integral part of their faith journey.

The Beehive, the area where the community meets as a community, is not viewable by the public.

What does the core community do?

Some community members are actively involved in i-church’s missional activities while others focus mainly on the core community.

Members of the core community support each other in their journey of faith through prayer and small groups.

Small pastoral groups are formed in response to suggestions after discussion with the priest in charge and the i-church Council.

Currently our small groups are Vocations, Rule of Life and Fusion (peer spiritual direction).

Who can join the core community?

Core community members:


How do I join?

The This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. welcomes enquiries from potential members and will be happy to discuss with you whether this might be the way ahead.

Existing core community members may log in here.